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NDErs - Welcome Back

The fractals on this web site are through the courtesy of Perrine Dailey - http://www.innergostudio.com/Fractals.html


A portion of my clientele are those who have had Near Death Experiences.  They find that since I have had multiple Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and a member of IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies).  During our initial session they discover Freedom Hypnotherapy's home offices are safe places where they can share details as to what happened and how it has effected them and their lives.

For those of us who are NDErs know after their NDE experience life just isn't the same.  PMH Atwater in her book Near-Death Experiences the rest of the story says it best when quoting the words of Jenny on of the thousands of subjects she interviewed during her long life's work in this area, "Psychologically, the near-death experience is a work in progress". (I highly recommend all the books she has written that appeal to you)

Making sense of not only the NDE but folding that into life upon their return, I believe, takes someone who has been there... done that.  I believe every therapist needs to have a therapist. (Where else can they take their stuff?)  When my therapist for over a decade retired and has continued to see me (as I was one of his favorite clients) had his first near-death experience after his 3rd stroke it was an "Ah ha!" not only in his life, but in our therapeautic process.

He is a highly educated and well read man he too learned what a difference it makes for one who has walked the walk... all of a sudden he too could talk the talk.  We now have what I call a mutually beneficial working relationship.  Even though he had an esoteric slant on life as I had, (that is why I selected him as my therapist in the first place) all of sudden some of my perspecitives on how I view and life my life made a lot more sense to him.


Life is in a constant state of flux. This was recently proven to me.  For years, I have had only vivid recollections of only two of the four NDEs that I experienced.  Yet on the 38th anniversary of one of the missing two experiences (December 2, 2011) after teaching a Reiki I class with a client who is an empath, I spontaiously began the recollection of one of these two missing experiences.

One never knows how such things happen.  Two hours after class what had started as a headache in my right temple became a door that opened that had been closed for all those years when I drilled into "What is this about?"  The point here being it was 38 years after that NDE occurred that a door was opened to something I thought was gone.  It, as most things that have happened in my life, happened at the right time and in the right way for me to gain the greatest understanding of the experience.

I believe there are a lot in the Twin Cities Metroplex who have had NDEs and have yet to fully integrate the experience or experiences into their lives.  It does take yars to do so.  However, my focus and intent is not to have a clientele that is perpeturally with me during that process but to provide them A Sanctuary where they can tell their stoy to someone who has been there and done that and can provide answers to questions that have keep them stuck.  After all that is my job to help get people unstuck.

I am astounded that the local IANDS chapter has an extremely small number of members that consistently come to their meetings.  I have asked several experts in this area of study why they believe this is so, and the reasons given are numerious.  As there are in most instances major changes that happen to one who has been brought back from death, I believe there are three reasons from keeping all these people from talking about what happened to them:

1) They do not want to revisit the trauma that surrounded that experience. 

2) What happened during the time of clinical death in most cases is beyond their ability to articulate; words are inadequate. 

3) When they do attempt to put into words what they experienced there is the fear that others would consider them psychotic; that being a person afflicted with psychosis... who then is drugged into oblivion.  (Yes, that is a real fear of many of my clientele past, present, and I am assume future) 

What predominates those who have experienced NDEs is usually believe they have no safe place or someone understanding enough to discuss their NDE experience(s).  Freedom Hypnotherapy is such a place.

The number of those of us who have experienced Near Death is going up as medical technology increases allowing bringing more back to life who were clinically dead. IANDS continues its studies and there are new reports that they continue to publish and make public that which barely touches on the millions who have had this experience.

There is some commonality that one finds when reviewing the literature. From my own experiences, from what I have learned studying the literature, and what has been presented at the local IANDS chapter, "Yes, there is commonality."  But, also, each experience is unique.  The main point of this page on Freedom Hypnotherapy's web site is to let you know you are not alone.  Those who come and work with me find a place of non-judgment and someone who is able to faciliate their understanding of their experience(s).

This is accomplished because over the years, as I have come to a greater understanding of the Holographic Model of the Universe (initially through the writings of Bohm, Pribram, and Talbot).  This understanding has brought me peace and resolution regarding my own personal NDEs.   

The latest literature suggests there are over 175,000 in the Twin Cites Metroplex who have experienced NDEs. From this statistic it is apparent that there is an under-served group of people who could be seeking out someone like me to help them gain their own personal understanding if they have or someone they know has experienced an NDE and has yet to garner resolution of the experience.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy as a very useful tool in exploring the realm of NDEs.